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Target Areas Program

Any qualified buyer purchasing a home in a federally-designated target area can benefit from this competitive loan program. OHFA’s Target Area Loan Program helps revitalize federally-designated target areas by making our affordable first-time homebuyer loan products and competitive interest rates available to ANY qualifying buyer purchasing a home in these areas.

What is a Target Area?
A target area is an economically distressed area designated by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Most Ohio counties contain both target and non-target areas.
Do I Qualify?
Target Area Loan applicants do not have to be first-time buyers. However, the following program requirements apply.
To qualify for an OHFA Target Area Loan, you must:
  • Meet OHFA’s income and purchase price limits. Please note that income and purchase price limits may be higher for Target Area Loans.
  • Be creditworthy. Minimum credit scores may apply.
  • Have a signed Purchase and Sales Agreement.
  • Qualify for the loan being requested. Lenders will assess your ability to afford a home by considering income, assets, job stability, liabilities, and other criteria.
Additional property requirements:
  • Loans are available for properties up to two acres (unless additional acreage is required by local health or safety code).
  • Qualifying properties include:
    • Existing homes: one-unit single-family dwelling and duplexes up to four units
    • Spec/Nearly completed homes: one-unit single-family dwellings
    • Modular/Manufactured homes: one-unit single-family dwellings

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